I Have Been Sooooo Sick!

Hey Folks,

Sorry, I haven't posted anything for a while, but I have been sick. First, my Fibroromyalgia had me in bed for about a week. People that have never experienced this type of pain and discomfort just do not understand what we live with.

AND, then, we had some warm weather down here in South Georgia and and everything started blooming! The pine trees, the pear trees, the flowers in my garden, and even the weeds!! LOL So, then my allergies came in with a Boom.....and then that turned into a horrible sinus infection. Uggggg!

But, even though it is storming right now....I do feel better, so hope to get started on some new projects this week. I have so missed the blog parties and hops....and hope to visit this week.




  1. Oh Deborah - I NEVER thought I'd say this in my life time - but hope Spring is slightly delayed to keep your allergies at bay - not fun -
    Take care - and hope you're ready to party soon!
    Much love,


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