A Wonderful Christmas Craft Show!

Happy Monday evening from a very chilly and windy South Georgia! The Arctic Vortex that has affected other parts of the country, maybe, even where you live, has finally made it way down South! I'm all bundled up sitting in the recliner, wishing that it was the morning, so I could have a cup of java, but, alas...at my age, I just can't drink it this late at night anymore.

This weekend, I had the privilege of attending the 1st Annual Grace Episcopal Church Christmas Bazaar. First, this is a beautiful church with courtyards everywhere, beautiful places to sit and pray or meditate, filled with gorgeous stained glass windows.....just a wonderful place to be. This was their first time holding a church bazaar which spotlighted local vendors sharing all sorts of great crafts and talents!

Now, I have to say, that this show, wasn't the best of sales I've had, but, the sales were great, and the fellowship between the vendors was awesome.  The woman who planned the event was my childhood best friend....we spent every day together.....and visiting and reconnecting with her was better than all the sale I could make. But, I'm going to share some pics from my booth, which showcased my whimsical folk art and signs.....handmade jewelry.....wine glass candle holders.....my adorable wooden snowmen families and my new Countdown to  Christmas plates.....and the last pic will be of me towards the end of the day looking very tired, but with a smile on my face......

 I'm going to be taking it easy from now to the first of the year....making a few gifts and a few recipes I want to try.....and spending time with my Daddy who is not doing well. Please think of our family when you say your prayers.  Enjoy the pics and Blessings to you,



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