Halloween at Gobbler Hollow!

Happy All Saint's Day from Gobbler Hollow!

Last night, was our families annual FREE Halloween Festival we put on at my sisters/mothers house! We all spend weeks ahead of time creating displays and building all types of ghosts and ghouls! From years past of having many members of the family including the parents, to last night, having a good many involved, but not as many as before.

We have a No Scare Zone for the young ones, to our haunted town and Grim Reaper to our Witches House we had this year. We also built a backdrop featuring a scarecrow and donkey where the youngsters could get their pics made for free! Also, this year, our mother decided we needed to have a popcorn machine plus candy!  Each year, my sisters and I dress up as The Witches Three....my baby sister, Rebecca is Esme....the Wise One! Me, well, I'm usually Winnie from Hocus Pocus, and my other younger sister can do a great British voice and she is the "classy Ronnie" who "flies" in for Halloween. So, the first pic will be of the Witches Three...from left to right...Esme, Winnie, and Ronnie.....will have various pics from the Haunt...and end with the last where you can clearly see I'm out of costume!

 In this very last pic, you can tell, I had already slipped out of costume....since I'm the "elder sister witch", I was tired....lol. Also pictured with us is our dear family friend Michelle, who was our candy fairy!

Now, it is back to getting ready for the Christmas Craft show!



  1. This looks like so much fun, and you all obviously put a lot of work into the event! Love the costumes too! Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle Sunday, and please come back next week :)

    1. Dee, we have so much fun every year and can't wait til next time!

  2. Great Halloween pictures! I'm your newest facebook & google+ follower from the Networking Saturday linky

  3. What fun this must be each year. Thank you for sharing it with Share It One More Time. Cathy

  4. How fun! This sounds like the best day/night ever - Halloween or any time. Some great ideas to use for next year too :) Thanks for sharing!


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