Magic and my Inner Child!

Greetings Everyone,
Wow, I have been away for awhile.....I came back from swimming with the manatees, and straight to the surgeon for surgery to correct torn meniscus on my left knee! So, surgery went well, and I feel great,  and am back to painting.

While recuperating from surgery and being up late one night, I ran across Harry Potter! I love that I love the wonderful way these stories made children, and yes, adults too, remember what it was like to be a child again and believe in magic! When we were growing up, our parents always allowed us to dream and imagine and believe are sorts of magical ideas. So, I started thinking of my inner child and also the way my daughters were as children. I would look outside and they would be building castles out of the pine straw in the yard......running around with their arms out saying they were flying, and I just loved it! So, here is my newest painting.....

"I put my crown on, and the Magic begin.....the castle appears....I can see the King and Queen...and my pet dragon comes...then, we play together all day! Won't you join us! Put your crown on!"

See ya soon and Blessings to you,



  1. I love the picture. It's fun, and I love how the quote encourages us to play.

  2. Hello dear Deborah! May I just say thank you for sharing this wonderful post with Roses of Inspiration - I am so glad you linked up :)

    You are very talented, my dear! May you have a beautiful Easter. Hugs!


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