Even the QUEEN can have a BAD HAIR DAY!!! Folk Art Painting.

I wanted to show off my 3 new original paintings. I know I'm not really an artist...even though my little sister, or as we call her "red on the head" Becca says that I am. But I have so much fun paintings my whimsical creations.  This one was inspired the other day while I was in the bed watching TV. Leg propped up on pillows, due to sciatic pain...and flipped through to the History Channel. And there was the Queen! OF ENGLAND!!! They were showing lots of pics of her over the years, and my lord...all those HATS! And I was thinking, does she EVER have a bad hair day???
Dance towards the Life you really Want! (And this is what I look like dancing, since my left leg is full of metal). But, this idea came from a picture that was taken at one of our family reunions, and all of us "women folk" were doing a Congo line!!!

And this was inspired by one of my favorite books and Broadway play...which I saw...WICKED! Great take on "the true story of the Wicked Witch of the West". She was so misunderstood...lol


  1. Came over from Elizabeth and Co. to see your painting. I love outsider art like yours. I'm a Carolina girl who loves to create mixed media pieces. You might be interested in posting some of your work on the Cloth, Paper, Scissors website. I aspire to an art piece each day even if it is just a small one! Come over and visit if you have the time.

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  2. Oh thanks so much for your kind words. I will check this site out!


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