Father's Day with my Daddy

Spent all day yesterday with my parents. It always makes my Heart leap into my chest , every time I'm able to see them both. But, I was a Daddy's Girl from the beginning. I was the first child, and Daddy did everything with me. He taught me how to fish, hunt, play in river and just have fun. He also would have Mom dress me up and take me out to eat...just me and him. He was an attorney for over 50 years, and when I was younger there was a place here in my hometown of Waycross, Ga. called The Waycross Newsstand. I guess you could say it was an early version of a coffee shop. The men...cause back then the women stayed home....would gather before work and read the newspaper and drink coffee and discuss the problems for the day. I would feel so special when on days that Daddy didn't have to be in court to early, that he would take me with him!!! Feeling SPECIAL!!!! I always did. Now my father is 83 years old....and suffering from a very rare brain disorder called Pic's Disease. He still knows who I am..although at times he can't get my name out....but that same sparkle is in his eyes when he looks at me. He is my Hero, so I wanted to share one of my favorite pictures of myself and him. It was taken when the Saints won the Superbowl...we had a party at out house and were rooting for the Saints. I had made hats and a "hoodoo" stick ...well, any way, the pic speaks for itself. Blessings, Deborah


  1. aww looks like a fun day! found you via the blog hop xo

  2. Yes, it was a great day. He is my Hero!!


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