Homemade Apple Dumpling!

My Mom has always told me that a good cook, could go to her pantry and find something to cook! 

Well, last night was one of those nights that I really channeled Mom. I had eaten a really great salad full of arugula and other healthy greens with some great cheeses and nuts! Just delicious! So, while sitting on the couch watching the news before my Wednesday night programs came on, all of a sudden, I had a major swwet attack! I knew there wasn't a pack of "double stuffed Oero's" hidden anywhere in my kitchen.....so, to the pantry I went!

I looked and looked.....opened the refridgerator several times.....so, after noticing I had a can of biscuits and I had several fresh apples....I knew an aspple dumpling was in the making. I had no intentions of taking pics, but decided after I started I wanted a few. I cut up and cube one apple in a small sauce pan adding 2 teaspoons of butter. I let butter melt and the apples to stewing....I added some cinnamon and a small spoonful of brown suger. While the apple was cooking I opened can of biscuits....floured my cutting board and rolled out four of the biscuits so they were very thin.

After the apple was done I laid two of the biscuits together and folded the edges together so it looked one big biscuit. I spooned a heaping of the apple mixture into each big biscuit and folded the edges over on the top. I then took one extra biscuit and rolled it out and cut small leaves out and placed them on top of each dumpling. I ended up having enough for two.

Placed them in the over on 350 and cooked till they were browned as per instructions on biscuits. While they were cooking, I got another small sauce pan and squirted a heaping of honey into pan....heated that up til it bubbled. When dumplings were done I poured honey glaze over each and then mixed up a spoonful of powdered sugar with a spoonful of milk and added that glaze onto.....They were beautiful and delicious!

So, ladies, one apple and a can of biscuits and some spices and other things I had on hand from the kitchen! Thanks Mom!



  1. Yumm and looks good too. I am a near neighbor at Friendship Friday

  2. Oh my littles would love these! Thanks so much for sharing on Show Me Saturdays!
    ~ Ashley

    1. Ashley, yes, I bet they would! I know I enjoyed mine...lol!

  3. I'll bet the house smells wonderful when you bake your recipe! Thanks for sharing it with us at Make It Monday!

  4. Ha- that is creative way of thinking! Pinning for empty fridge emergencies :)


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