Upcycled Cabinet Door Snowman!

Happy Saturday Everyone,

Yes, yes, I know.....Halloween isn't even here yet, much less Thanksgiving, and I'm talking about snowmen! But, I love Christmas and all the beautiful and neat decorations you can make during the holiday season.

I recently went "dumpster diving" with my Mom and sister, and it was so much fun! I found a lot of boards that were just right for all my funny signs that I love making, but, I also found a "treasure trove" of old cabinet doors! I was beyond elated! Did I mention that this particular dumpster was from a cabinet/wood shop? Well, it is, and it was like Christmas morning finding all these goodies!

So, I decided that I had to dedicate one of the cabinet doors to a snowman:

Isn't he just a doll! I haven't decided whether I'm going to keep him or sell him at the Christmas church bazaar, but, either way, he would make a great addition to anyone's holiday decorating.....hanging on a porch.....inside by the mantel....or even from a tree outside as I did in this photo shoot.

Just love this Guy!


  1. That is such a cute snowman! I would buy him and put him outside for sure!!

  2. Great idea to repurpose a door - cute snowman! Love the tone of your blog - looks like a fun place to hang out :)
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

    1. Thanks Marie, and yes, I love all things bright and whimsical!

  3. Hi Deborah! I love how this guy turned out. He is definitely going to make someone happy, even if it ends up being you!

    1. Thanks Diane, and yes, he is growing on me....lol!


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