Dora Stool Transformed into Owl Stool!

Hoooooot, Hoooooot to you on this Friday evening,

When my grandson, Alan, was born in December of 2012, my daughter and son-in-law did his nursery with beautiful white drapes with cute and dainty owls on them....very simple...elegant black and white.....just beautiful!

Alan, now, whom is almost 3 years old, still loves owls! They are in the potty training stage with him, and is having good progress with him. But, as most little boys, he wants to use the big potty like his Daddy....and to be able to stand and wash his hands by himself. So, when my daughter found a cute Dora stepping stool at a local thrift store she purchased it and brought it to me to transform for my "little man"!

I looked at several ideas on Google, Pinterest, and Etsy and made severally ideas my own. It starts out on the top with a "big boy" owl and his name...Alan....then continues down to the bottom step where it reads..."is a Big Boy"......on both sides is my interpretation of "The Tree of Life", and a Daddy, Mama, and baby owl:

He was so excited when I took it over to him, and automatically climbed up on it, and wanted to use it....yes, I'm a proud Gramma!



  1. What a wonderful gift for him and so useful! And he has a piece of love from grandma to use everyday.You did a great job. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Beautiful makeover! We have three little ones and utilize many hand-me downs and garage sale gems...not a lot of choice in color/characters when we do that. What a great way to personalize kiddy items for your home.

  3. No doubt ALAN ADORES this!! It's so handy to have, these little steps and with this personalization: wow! Really nice makeover.Thanks for linking it up at SHARE IT at Hope you'll come again this Saturday! ~ Rose


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