Mermaid Longing! New Art!

Happy Thursday Everyone,

So, week before last, I was a painting fool....4 canvases, 6 wooden signs! I had a cramp in my hand I had done so much painting, but, then I had an idea about a new large canvas. Now, y'all know I "love me some mermaids", and something you might not know, is I love bubble baths, so, of course my painting had to have a large claw-foot tub and a mermaid! Right!
I kept thinking of all the old stories of the sailors in their big ships traveling the oceans falling in love with the lovely and magical mermaids of the deep blue sea! I thought of a mermaid in love with a sailor and how she would long for him....waiting and longing for when he might come into port again. Of, her, and her magical lair where is her own personal retreat....filling her ancient claw-foot tub with luscious bubbles....having a glass of wine....all why gazing with love and longing for her sailor:

So, do you think he is on his way to her.....I guess the hopeless romantic in me, sees the ship out the window is her beloved and he is on his way!



  1. This has so much life and character in it. The colors are vibrant and it takes you away with it to another place!!! Love it! Visiting from the DIY Showoff party!


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