My Beautiful 7 Week Old Grandson!

Good Tuesday Morning,

Wow, what a wonderful weekend I had! As most of you know, I became a grandmother for the 2nd time in December when my oldest daughter, Brooke, had her first child and my first grandson. I was there when he was born and stayed with them for 17 days after he was born. Amazing!!

So, it was with much excitement for the entire family when my daughter and husband and son all came to our home town in Georgia for the first time. It was especially exciting for my Mom and Dad as they had not been able to see him since his birth. Both of my parents, Brooke's grand parents and baby Alan's great grandparents are elderly, but, my father is disabled and can not travel, they were waiting to see this great grandson.

They arrived on Friday and stayed at my parents home until mother, who the great grandchildren call GG got lots of "sugar" and my father who is called GDaddy was enamoured with him. It was heart warming and sad at the same time, as my daddy sometimes doesn't realize he isn't going to be "well" again....and of course when he said..."just wait til he is 2 or 3 years old and I will teach him how to hunt and fish"...well, our hearts broke but swelled at the same time.

I will be posting more pics later, but I wanted to share a few pics of Alan first:
He was laughing at his Mom

So Precious!

I feel so Blessed.....I have two beautiful grandchildren....One of each...and that's enough to buy for at Christmas!!



  1. Aww I love hearing of new babies coming into the world although it doesn't nothing for my broodiness ;) Congratulations!! via the blog hop x


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