Southerns know what a Grease Can is!!

Good Saturday Morning everyone,

Well, I have no pretty crafts to show you, or a new whimsical painting...but, I do have a story of memories...

So, the other night my wonderful neighbor, Ms. Flo, and I were sitting on our shared porch talking and sharing stories from our, you have to understand...Ms. Flo is an elderly African American woman, and I'm a middle aged White woman....and we are sitting out there in our rocking chairs...yes, I have a rocking chair....and we are laughing and giggling like we were both little girls....and I'm sure as our neighbors looked at us, we made an unusual sight! But, let me tell you, I have found a "kindred soul sister" with her....I just adore her!

Also, she was raised in an area of Florida that my Mother, Katy is from....I started out the conversation asking her if she remembered a place that my Mother had asked me to ask her, she is telling me about how much the area had changed....and SOMEHOW, we got to talking about our grandmother and their cooking! AND, somehow, a "grease can" was mentioned...OMG...did the laughs start then!!!

If you are from the South, you probably remember your grandmother and maybe your mother having a greasy, used cardboard Crisco "can" sitting beside the stove! Right, I know you remember! It would be soggy and squishy, and it smelled....but, oh how my grandmother and mother would use that oil over and over again. And it didn't matter what they were cooking, they used that oil.....if it was a cake that required some oil...well, you dipped in and got a spoonful of that greasy oil!!! 

And, you could always tell when they were cooking, even if you were outside, cause you could smell that old grease getting hot!! Oh Lord, Ms. Flo and I laughed til we cried! It is a miracle that all of us"southerners" that were raised with a grease can in the kitchen didn't die from poisoning!!! So, for you folks that didn't have a "grease can in the kitchen"'s what they looked like....
The "beloved Crisco grease can"

Fancy metal grease can

So, for all you Ms. Flo's, Granny Minchews, Grandmother Duffy's.....I Salute the "beloved grease cans"....

Blessings to all,


  1. My Grandmother had a grease can too lol - and we're as far North as you can get ( Montreal )
    It was a sign of the times LOL

    1. Yes, it was a "sign of the times".....and to this day I can be in a fast food place and smell the "grease" and am transported back to my Granny's kitchen.

  2. Everyone I knew as a child had a grease can. Some had those fancy aluminum ones like in the photo. Each week even our dog got a spoonful for a shiny coat!

    I came over from your kind comment on my key fobs. Did you know you are a "no reply" commenter?

  3. Aww my granny had a grease can. I remember opening it when I visited and thinking it was lotion or something and she stopped me and told me it was cooking "magic" :)

    Thank you so much for linking up with the Aloha Friday Blog Hop!! I am following you via GFC!! Have a lovely rest-of-weekend!! :)


    Jean {What Jean Likes}


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