Spotlight of the Week: The Checkered Apple

Hello everyone...Good Monday to you all! I've learned so much these past months from starting my blog and following so many talented folks out there. So, I've decided that each week I'm going to Spotlight a blog that I follow. And this week, the very blog is Diane at The Checkered Apple! Diane is always the first one to make a comment on anything that I post, whether it is a painting, craft, or even a family photo. She is a very talented woman with alot of great ideas. Plus, I just tried this past weekend her wonderful cornbread recipe. So go check her out...she can be found at: Also, you can check her out by grabbing her button which is on my blog. Enjoy and everyone be Blessed today. Deborah


  1. Deborah,
    What a surprise to see my blog mentioned in your post I just read this morning! Thanks for the kind compliments and also honoring me by being the first blog to be on your Spotlight of the Week!


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