Whimsical Queen and Housewife Folk Art Painting

This is another new painting I've done, and if you haven't guess yet.....I've fallen IN LOVE with whimsical style type paintings. This one was inspired my Dear Mother. She could go run my fathers law offices, come home , cook a magnificent meal, clean the house, and STILL...and STILL Be the Best Mom I knew. She could do anything and everything, and still can. She wanted to make all the food for my daughter's weekend as she also use to do catering. My daughter Brooke, was like..Granny you don't need to do this...but alas, Mom/Granny won out. She wanted to do this for her first and oldest grandchild...and Guess what? It was Marvelous baby...marvelous! So, this is the Queen of all she surveys!!

 I really like this one. I hope you enjoy her also. Blessings, Deborah


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