Good Sunday Morning everyone. Last week I started a weekly post that Spotlights a blog for their ideas, creativity, or things that I had learned from that blog. Last week I featured The Checkered Apple. This week it Tip Junkie. When I first started my "craft" blog months back, one of the first craft type blogs I joined and followed was Tip Junkie. Gosh, I thought I had "hit the mother load". So many ideas!!!! And most so EASY to follow. I've done several things I found on Tip Junkie. One was how to color Mason jars.

So, this week if you haven't already Followed or visited Tip Junkie, check them out. They can be found at, or you can visit them through their button on my blog. So, need an idea or new project...Well then grab some Tip Junkie. Blessings, Deborah


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