Fun Charm Necklaces!

Good Saturday Evening,

It has been way over a week since I posted anything....I know, I know, "bad blogger"...but, it seems that last Friday night while watering my plants, I stepped wrong, and BAM, pulled tendon...knee cap out of place.....leg immobilizer....but, again, this kept me inside with no excuse to go anywhere, and Voila....I made some really nice necklaces!

I have always loved charm bracelets....I so remember my Aunt Vida....she was my favorite Aunt....and she had the most beautiful gold charm bracelet with so many charms....and yes, it did "tingle tangle" when she walked....just loved it. So, when I started seeing charm necklaces, I thought, wow....that would be really neat.

I had been to Micheal's recently and had bought some really nice charms by art-i-cake by Amy Labbe, and had even found a cute line of charms at Wal-Mart....I used gold and silver chains, and am really excited how cute they turned out:

Now, they are not the best I know that I can create, but, they are not the worst either....I've order different chain, but, I used what I had....I think I really like them. Can't wait to share some more with you...



  1. How fun are these necklaces…great job. Thank you for sharing at One More Time Events….Tammy

  2. Love your new line of necklaces! Very whimsical looking, excellent job!

  3. When I saw your comment on Suzan's blog I knew I had to come over to meet you. Here's the weird thing- I NEVER read other's comments. But----My grandmother was an Owen (I suppose that is your married name-not your maiden name) but she had the "sight" also. I don't tell many about it because I don't want people to think I am even crazier than I am---but it has passed down generationally and I have two (that I know of) that have that "sight", too.
    Anyway, I am your newest follower and I will put you on my sidebar right away. Your pieces here are very lovely!!! xo Dana

    1. Dana, first, thanks for the Follow! I'm a small blogger and am still trying to build my network, so thank you. Second, yes, Owen is my married/, my maiden name is Minchew. It was my paternal grandmother who was such a special little woman....and my baby sister carries on with many of her traditions such as home-made soaps....don't think you are crazy....there are many things out there that are unexplained....we have to have faith, what ever that may be, that we will all find our own nitch.

  4. Thanks for sharing at Tuesdays with a Twist. We hope to see you again this week!


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