Pop Sugar Must Have Box Arrived! Finally....My Review!

Happy Thursday Everyone,

Well, my subscription box came today....I've taken the time to look at every item....make sure they weren't broken or damaged....taken pictures and wanted to share with you. 
Me smiling this morning when I knew box was coming today!

What looked like before opening

Wow, look at all the cute, pink paper.

What box looked like when I open paper.

Nature Box...sug. retail $5.00

Fresh Pantry Stand tea towels $18.00

Graphic Image Notebook $20.00

Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette $36.00

It was in great condition...no breakage or smudges

Blue Avocado Eco Shopper $25.00

So, let's start first with the Nature Box Pop Sugar Must Have Mix. I have already opened the bag and started snacking! It is a Trail mix with almonds, soybeans, corn and cranberries, and I have to say I love it and I might order another bag!

Second, we have Fresh Pantry Stand tea towels....one has the word Totally and the second on has Awesome on the fronts....they are very soft and I know I will use them. I love to cook and I always have a kitchen towel thrown over my left shoulder, so, I certainly see myself using them.

Third, we have from Graphic Image, we have a cute blue leather bound small notebook that is just right to carry in my purse. On the front are the words, Run The World! Love it!

Fourth, and my favorite, we have Too Faced Natural Eyes palette collection. It is a nice little tin filled with wonderful muted, natural browns....these are my colors and I will most certainly use this also.

Fifth, and finally, we have the Blue Avocado Eco Shopper. It is wonderful...it looks like a cute little zipper on the side, but, when you unzip, it becomes the tote. Just the right size for going to the grocery store....and when done, it folds in on itself and can be put away very easy.

The suggested retail value of all items in the box is $132.50.....the price I paid is $39.95 with Free Shipping. I love all the items in the box, BUT, I think that IF I order another box from them, I will not use the Free Shipping...I will pay the upgrade so I can receive my box way earlier than I did.(you can read my post on my frustration with this company in post before this one) If you would like to try Pop Sugar Must Have Box here is a code to use and tell them Deborah Minchew Owen sent ya:http://popsu.gr/rMBj

So, all in all, I like the box and I might order from them again.




  1. That looks like a FUN box to get in the mail. That's a lot of goodies for that price! xo Diana

  2. That does like a very fun box to get in the mail, and they had a lot of interesting variety there - I would have totally opened the snacks first.


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